to Bregenzer Festspiele…

First performance in Austria
Co-production with Ensemble Modern
and Oper Frankfurt

The young woman | the small man Kateryna Kasper
The woman over sixty | old cook | granddaughter |
the ant | Hans | Chinese mother
Hedwig Fassbender
The young man | young Asian | waitress | grandfather | the cricket | Chinese aunt Simon Bode
The man | an Asian | Inga the blonde stewardess | Chinese uncle Holger Falk
The man over sixty | old Asian | Eva the stewardess with dark-brown hair |
the granddaughter’s friend | Chinese father
Hans-Jürgen Lazar
Conductor Hartmut Keil
Stage director Elisabeth Stöppler
Stage designer Hermann Feuchter
Costume designer Nicole Pleuler
Lighting designer Jan Hartmann
Dramaturge Zsolt Horpácsy
Sound director Norbert Ommer

Ensemble Modern